Banana soy milk coffee

 I love coffee, back in my Past Life I used to go really often to coffee shops specially Starbucks, sometimes before work I just grabbed a coffee and breakfast there and was the only place open before 6 am or after hours, the prices in Mexico are way cheaper that here and besides that I was getting an income so spending some pesos in a coffee wasn’t big deal.
Now I’m traveling in a really tight budget so I cannot afford to buy many stuff or going out for dinner or drinks only maybe once every week or every two weeks to a restaurant so Starbucks is out of question, why would I spend 400-700 yen in a coffee when I can have free coffee in the hostel, yea! Instant coffee is far from a real coffee but the savings are real.
So buying a coffee in Starbucks will not be an option here in Japan at least they had a wonderfully/tasty/weird/special seasonal flavor like last month they have Banana and this month Sakura flavor latte or frappuccino, one day walking by Hondori street I saw a poster about a new flavor banana! Never tough that coffee and banana would be a good combination, as a fruit is great coffee companion but IN the coffee didn’t seems right, but well, if pumpkin and coconut are an option, why banana not? Or maybe apple? No, I don’t think so.
Few days after I went to Don Quixote to get some milk as part of a nutritious diet in Japan that almost nothing has calcium and saw the Banana Soy Milk for only 170 yen with taxes, after thinking for a while if it was something I really need or want I decide tobuy it, is ok, I’m not spending much in alcohol either so my expenses are almost null here so I took it home and after heating water I made the coffee with banana flavor.
Incredibly it tastes really good!
Now that I remember I used to do banana smoothie back home with
coffee on it so it wasn’t such a new thing at eh end.